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Transportation and Maritime Security

June 13, 2024

Committee Advances Bipartisan Legislation to Ban DHS Use of Chinese-Made Batteries, Improve Intelligence Sharing, Protect Americans’ Privacy, Combat Cartel Smuggling, Enhance Airport Security

June 11, 2024

TOMORROW AT 10AM: Markup of Legislation to Ban DHS Purchase and Use of Chinese-Made Batteries, Combat Human Smuggling, Enhance Airport Security

June 04, 2024

Chairman Gimenez in Opening Statement: “The CCP Seeks to Impose Their Totalitarian Vision on the High Seas”

May 29, 2024

MEDIA ADVISORY: Chairman Gimenez Announces Hearing on Combatting China’s Maritime Grey-Zone Aggression

May 15, 2024

Subcommittee Chairman Gimenez: “The Transportation Sector Needs an Engaged, Effective TSA”

May 14, 2024

MEDIA ADVISORY: Subcommittee Hearing on TSA’s FY25 Budget, Featuring Administrator Pekoske

May 08, 2024

“Our Nation Needs the Shipyard”: House Homeland Republicans Conduct Oversight on the Coast Guard’s Lagging Shipbuilding Programs Amid Rising Threats

May 07, 2024

Chairman Gimenez: “Coast Guard Acquisitions Programs Must Deliver What Congress Tasks the Service To Do”

May 01, 2024

MEDIA ADVISORY: Chairman Gimenez Announces Hearing on Coast Guard Shipbuilding and Acquisitions, Lagging Modernization Programs 

April 05, 2024

Chairman Gimenez: Chinese-Manufactured Port Equipment, Technology “Introduce Significant Supply Chain Vulnerabilities”

March 22, 2024

Homeland Republicans Demand Answers on Unfair, Lax TSA Screening for Inadmissible Aliens at Airports

March 15, 2024

Chairmen Green, Gallagher, Comer, Westerman Request Briefing from DHS, DOI on Chinese Malign Activity in Arctic Region

March 14, 2024

Homeland Security Committee Hears TSA Testimony on Organizational Structure, Technology Implementation, Frontline Workforce

March 12, 2024

Chairman Gimenez: “TSA Must Have Clear Goals and Be Streamlined for Effective Execution”

March 12, 2024

WTAS: Joint Investigation into CCP-Backed Company Supplying Cranes to U.S. Ports Reveals Shocking Findings

March 08, 2024

MEDIA ADVISORY: Subcommittee Hearing on Implementation of the TSA Modernization Act of 2018

March 07, 2024

Chairman Green Praises the House Passage of Homeland Security Legislation

March 07, 2024

House Homeland, China Select Committee Republicans Demand Answers from CCP-Backed Company Operating at U.S. Ports Amid Shocking Joint Investigation Findings

March 01, 2024

USCG, Navy, DHS Testify on Threats from China to U.S. Ports, Economic and Cybersecurity 

February 29, 2024

“A Matter of National Urgency”: Subcommittee Chairman Gimenez Delivers Opening Statement in Hearing on U.S. Port Security