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Border Security and Enforcement

July 15, 2024

Chairman Green on June Border Numbers: “Another Month, Another Devastating Number of Inadmissible Aliens Entering and Being Released”

July 12, 2024

Chairman Green Subpoenas DHS Secretary Mayorkas for Information on Terrorist Threats at the Southwest Border

July 09, 2024

Chairmen Higgins, Bishop Open Joint Hearing: Border Security Technologies “Play a Critical Role” In Countering Threats, Mass Illegal Immigration

July 03, 2024

MEDIA ADVISORY: Chairmen Higgins, Bishop Announce Joint Subcommittee Hearing on Border Security Technology

June 27, 2024

STARTLING STATS: Biden’s Mass-Parole, Catch-And-Release Agenda Continues to Fuel Historic Border Crisis, Endanger Americans

June 26, 2024

Chairman Green on Reports of ISIS-Connected Smuggling Network Exploiting the Border: “There’s Literally No One President Biden Won’t Turn Away”

June 21, 2024

House Homeland Analysis: 4 Hard Truths for the Biden Administration About Jocelyn Nungaray’s Murder, Recent Illegal Alien Crime, and America’s Open Borders

June 20, 2024

Chairman Green on CBP Release of May Encounters Numbers: “Border Crisis Is Never Going to End As Long As” Biden and Mayorkas Are in Charge

June 20, 2024

Chairman Green on Latest CHNV Mass-Parole Numbers: “Biden and Mayorkas Continue to Make a Mockery of Our Laws”

June 18, 2024

NEW: Chairman Green Slams President Biden’s Mass-Amnesty Executive Order

June 18, 2024

ICYMI in the New York Post: ‘House Committee Demands Answer on Eight Tajik Border Crossers Arrested for Terror Plot’

June 17, 2024

Chairman Green on New Report on Massive Increase in Non-Detained Docket: Further Proof of Biden and Mayorkas’ “Radical Commitment to Open Borders”

June 13, 2024

Committee Advances Bipartisan Legislation to Ban DHS Use of Chinese-Made Batteries, Improve Intelligence Sharing, Protect Americans’ Privacy, Combat Cartel Smuggling, Enhance Airport Security

June 12, 2024

Chairman Green on Arrest of Alleged Inadmissible Aliens with Suspected ISIS Ties: “How Much Longer Will We Let This Madness Continue?”

June 12, 2024

Chairman Green on Biden Plan to Close Dilley Detention Facility: “Just More Smoke and Mirrors from the Biden Administration”

June 11, 2024

TOMORROW AT 10AM: Markup of Legislation to Ban DHS Purchase and Use of Chinese-Made Batteries, Combat Human Smuggling, Enhance Airport Security

June 04, 2024

Chairman Green on New Biden Asylum Plan: “Biden Has Effectively Legitimized Crisis Levels of Illegal Immigration”

May 28, 2024

Homeland Security Committee Celebrates 100 Years of U.S. Border Patrol Service and Sacrifice

May 23, 2024

Homeland Republicans Probe DHS, FBI, DOD on Attempted Breach of Marine Corps Base by Jordanian Nationals in U.S. Illegally

May 22, 2024

STARTLING STATS FACTSHEET: Biden Administration on Track to Reach 10 Million Encounters Nationwide Before End of Fiscal Year