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Oversight, Investigations, and Accountability

June 13, 2024

Committee Advances Bipartisan Legislation to Ban DHS Use of Chinese-Made Batteries, Improve Intelligence Sharing, Protect Americans’ Privacy, Combat Cartel Smuggling, Enhance Airport Security

June 06, 2024

House Homeland Republicans Join Chairman Moolenaar in Demanding Immediate Blacklist for Chinese Battery Companies Gotion, CATL Amid Shocking New Evidence of Slave Labor Links

May 23, 2024

Homeland Republicans Probe DHS, FBI, DOD on Attempted Breach of Marine Corps Base by Jordanian Nationals in U.S. Illegally

May 15, 2024

Chairman Green on Border Security Threats Posed by CCP: Democrats’ Talking Points on Our Investigation “Coming Right Out of the CCP”

May 11, 2024

MEDIA ADVISORY: Homeland Subcommittee Hearing on Unprecedented Surge of Chinese Illegal Immigration

April 16, 2024

Chairman Green: DHS’ FY25 Budget Request “Fails to Take Seriously the Crises Threatening Our National Security Interests”

April 10, 2024

Chairman Gimenez in New Op-Ed: “Mayorkas’ Failed Leadership Is Empowering America’s Adversaries — The Senate Must Hold Him Accountable”

April 09, 2024

Chairman Green Announces DHS Budget Hearing Featuring Secretary Mayorkas

April 05, 2024

Rep. Strong: “If the Senate Needs Evidence of Mayorkas’ Impeachable Offenses, Look No Further Than His Abuse of Parole”

April 04, 2024

Chairman Green in New Op-Ed: “Senate Has a Responsibility to Conduct Mayorkas Impeachment Trial––and Convict Him”

March 21, 2024

Chairmen Higgins, Bishop Deliver Opening Statements in Hearing on Secretary Mayorkas’ CBP One Mass-Parole Scheme

March 18, 2024

MEDIA ADVISORY: Chairmen Higgins, Bishop Announce Hearing on Biden-Mayorkas CBP One Mass-Parole Scheme

March 15, 2024

Chairmen Green, Gallagher, Comer, Westerman Request Briefing from DHS, DOI on Chinese Malign Activity in Arctic Region

January 26, 2024

Chairman Green in New Letter to Ranking Member Thompson: “I Would Encourage You to Engage Meaningfully in Your Oversight Duties as a Member of this Committee”

January 18, 2024

Chairman Green Releases New Letter Blasting DHS for Continuing to “Obstruct Our Investigations” Following Over 170 Unmet Requests for Documents and Information

January 11, 2024

Bishop Delivers Opening Remarks in Hearing on DHS Enforcement of Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

January 05, 2024

MEDIA ADVISORY: Bishop Announces Subcommittee Hearing on Improving Enforcement of Law Countering Uyghur Forced Labor 

December 13, 2023

Subcommittee Chairman Bishop: “Silencing the Voices of the American People is Never Acceptable”

December 07, 2023

MEDIA ADVISORY: Subcommittee Chairman Bishop Announces New Hearing on DHS Censorship Laundering Scheme

November 06, 2023

Chairmen Green, Bishop Uncover New Evidence of DHS, Big Tech Collaborating to Censor Americans