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Chairman Green on the Biden Administration’s Weakness Toward Iran: “They Can’t Get This Right”

October 23, 2023

Joins Fox News to discuss threats to the homeland and standing with our ally Israel

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This week, House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark E. Green, MD (R-TN) joined Fox News’ “Fox News @ Night,” “Outnumbered,” and “Cavuto Live” to discuss threats to the homeland in the wake of Hamas terrorist attacks on America’s indispensable ally, Israel, and the Biden administration’s weak foreign policy toward the Iranian regime, which is supporting terrorist proxies across the globe. Watch highlights of his interviews below.

Watch Chairman Green’s interview on “Fox News @ Night”

 “I think we need to be much stronger with Iran. What they have done throughout the Middle East, whether Lebanon, Syria, or Yemen—and it’s Iraq, too. [Iran has] created this bipolar axis to go against the Sunnis and Israel. They’ve been our enemy since 1979, and the fact the president still wants to cut a deal is unacceptable.”

Watch Chairman Green’s interview on “Outnumbered”

“To think you can give money to Gaza and it won’t build more tunnels for Hamas is stupidity. It’s almost like saying, ‘let’s give six billion dollars for a few hostages from Iran’— our enemy since 1979. The Democrats, [and] this president specifically, doesn’t know a good person from a bad person. … They want to still do a deal with Iran; they want to have an open border and empower drug cartels; they want to release criminals and go after the police. They can’t get this right.”

Watch Chairman Green’s interview on “Cavuto Live.”

Americans are threatened by Hamas here at home because of our open Southern border.”

I think Congresswoman Ilhan Omar actually said, ‘vengeance is not foreign policy.’ And I would submit to her and others who think this way: defending [against]—crushing an enemy that has raped your children and killed your children so they never do that again is an effective foreign policy. … It’s time [for Israel] to destroy and kill every Hamas leader.”

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