Homeland Security Republicans Urge Administration To Maintain Strong Sanctions On Iran

WASHINGTON, DC – Following recent reporting that the Biden Administration has expressed openness to offering sanctions relief to Iran in efforts to broker a nuclear deal, House Committee on Homeland Security Republicans again urged the Administration to reconsider lifting these sanctions. For months, Homeland Republicans have warned of the irreversible impact this action could have on our homeland and national security.

In February, Homeland Security Republicans, led by Ranking Member John Katko (R-NY), wrote to President Biden and underscored the importance of maintaining strong sanctions on Iran.

“It is the policy of the United States not to allow Iran to develop or otherwise acquire a nuclear weapons capability,” wrote the members in February. “Sanctions are an important point of leverage if we intend to achieve this goal diplomatically and peacefully. Lifting sanctions will only serve to back the United States into an inescapable corner and removes any power we hold in our attempts to normalize Iranian and United States relations.”

“Under no circumstance can we allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. We implore you to reconsider lifting these sanctions,” continued the members.

Read the members’ February letter here.


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