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What They Are Saying on Phase Three Interim Report Release: “This Crisis is Not Just One of National Security—It Is a Humanitarian Disaster”

October 14, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C.— This week, the House Committee on Homeland Security released its Phase Three interim report as part of the Committee’s comprehensive oversight investigation into Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ dereliction of duty in his handling of the worst border crisis in American history. This report details the devasting and avoidable human costs of Mayorkas’ actions and policies. As the report documents in stark detail, these open-borders policies have sparked a growing fentanyl crisis, devastated the morale of DHS law enforcement and their families as they are overwhelmed and frustrated by Mayorkas’ policies, and made more Americans victims of horrific crimes committed by aliens released into the interior. These policies have also encouraged millions of vulnerable people to put themselves in the hands of the criminal cartels, leading to heartbreaking stories of migrants being abused and exploited on the dangerous journey to the border and after they are released into the interior. Read the full report here.

The release of this report comes after the Committee’s Phase One interim report found Mayorkas to be derelict in his duty as secretary, and how he has failed to enforce and uphold the immigration laws passed by Congress. The Committee’s Phase Two interim report documented the cartels’ unprecedented control at the Southwest border enabled by Mayorkas’ policies. Read the full Phase One interim report here, and the Phase Two interim report here.

Here’s What the Media Is Saying:

Chairman Mark E. Green via Newsweek: Innocent Americans and Migrants Pay the Price for Mayorkas’ Border Crisis

“First, Congress should cut off funding for the policies driving this crisis. In recent days, the House of Representatives passed a robust DHS appropriations bill that fully funds the men and women of DHS law enforcement, but rejects Secretary Mayorkas’ request for hundreds of millions of new dollars to further enhance CBP’s new mass-processing operation. Many of these dollars would ultimately go to non-governmental organizations which use taxpayer funds to purchase transportation and lodging for illegal immigrants seeking to make their way elsewhere in the country—effectively doing the cartels’ work for them by completing the final leg of the human smuggling chain that began in Mexico. It is simply absurd to keep sending DHS more money to not enforce our laws and not secure the border.

Second, the Senate must pass, and President Joe Biden must sign, H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act, into law. This historic piece of legislation would help solve many of the problems driving the crisis, including closing loopholes that the criminal cartels have exploited to traffic and smuggle unaccompanied children into the United States at record levels.

Finally, Secretary Mayorkas must be held accountable for his failed leadership. Whether the failed policies are his or the president’s, he has dutifully implemented and defended them from his first day in office. He has proved he either supports this failed agenda, or lacks the courage to either challenge it or resign in protest.”

Fox News via Adam Shaw: Homeland GOP report blames Mayorkas for ‘devastating human costs’ of migrant crisis

“A new report by Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee is blaming DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for what it says are the “devastating human costs” of the migrant crisis at the southern border. “These devastating human costs fall squarely on Mayorkas’ shoulders, and no amount of excusemaking, blame-shifting, or political prevaricating can change that fact,” the report says. The latest report is the third of its kind from the committee to detail Mayorkas’ handling of the crisis. It comes amid blistering criticism from Republicans, including calls by some for his impeachment for the implementation of policies which they say have fueled the border crisis — including reduced interior enforcement and expanded “catch-and-release.”” 

The Epoch Times via Mark Tapscott: ANALYSIS: GOP Speaker Controversy Did Not Plunge the House into Chaos

“In fact, though disquieting, media claims of chaos and paralysis were far from accurate because, for the most part, the daily business of the House of Representatives moved right along despite the political confusion and uncertainty… In the week after the speaker’s gavel was wrested from Mr. McCarthy, for example, the House Homeland Security Committee, chaired by Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), released the third interim report on its investigation of “the crisis at the Southwest border and how the policies and actions of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have precipitated the worst border crisis in American history.””

The Daily Caller via Arjun Singh: House GOP Report Describes Border Patrol Burnout, Rise In Human Trafficking Under Mayorkas’ Leadership

A new report released by Republicans on the House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security describes conditions of burnout by U.S. Border Patrol agents and an increase in human trafficking, among other problems, along the international border between the U.S. and Mexico under the leadership of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The report, released on Tuesday, is the third phase in a long investigation of Mayorkas and the broader Biden administration’s leadership on border security and immigration. Over five sections, the report cites openly sourced information to claim that border patrol agents, U.S. citizens and foreign migrants to America have suffered because of “Mayorkas’ coldly calculated, political decision to open the border.”” 

Breitbart via John Binder: House Homeland Security Report: Over 35K Criminal Illegal Aliens Captured Sneaking into U.S. Under Joe Biden

The report, authored by the committee’s Republican members and led by Chairman Mark Green (R-TN), details the extent to which criminals from around the world are arriving at the nation’s southern border in the hopes of getting past federal immigration officials. From the beginning of Fiscal Year 2021 through September 15, 2023, about 35,450 illegal aliens with criminal records were arrested at the border by Border Patrol agents — a foreign criminal population larger than that of Beverly Hills, California. According to the report, this is 14,000 more arrests of criminal illegal aliens at the border than the prior four fiscal years combined.”