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Chairman Green: Homeland Republicans Warned the Biden Administration That Cartels Would Abuse the CBP One App

August 9, 2023

Joins Fox Business to discuss border news of the week, Committee’s ongoing investigation

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark E. Green, MD (R-TN) joined Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria to discuss the devastating consequences of cartel control of the Southwest border and their abuse of the CBP One app, Homeland Republicans’ oversight investigation into Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and the need for the Senate to pass H.R.2, the Secure the Border Act.

On the human cost of cartel control of the Southwest border under the Biden administration, Chairman Green said:

“No one goes across our Southwest border without approval and a remittance to the drug cartels. In the case of Chinese nationals, it’s [sometimes upwards of] $50,000 a person. Cartels are making around $13-14 billion a year just on human trafficking alone.”

On the bombshell Washington Examiner report exposing cartel abuse of the CBP One app, Chairman Green said:

“We warned [the Biden administration] that the CBP One app will be basically used by the cartels and, sure enough, the Washington Examiner broke the story a week ago, that they have set up a specific VPN and are filling out the applications for people to speed them into our country. It’s absolutely absurd.”

On House Republicans’ solutions to the border crisis and Homeland Republicans’ oversight investigation into Secretary Mayorkas, Chairman Green said:

“If you want to fix it, have the Senate [pass] and the president sign H.R.2, the Secure the Border Act. It will do it; it addresses all the issues from actually using ICE detention, from not granting automatic asylum. They are basically granting catch-and-release, [and] that’s incentivizing this mass migration wave. The cartels are taking advantage of it with fentanyl and human trafficking. It is actually a crime against humanity; it should not be happening.”

“We are in phase three of a five-phase investigation where we are going to lay out everything that has gone on, including lies to the United States Congress, including the basic deception with regards to things like the [Border Patrol] whipping incident, tons of dishonest statements from Alejandro Mayorkas, and laws that have been ignored—court orders that have been basically ignored. We are going to show all of this to our colleagues and, hopefully, we can move that into the Judiciary Committee and get to the bottom of it.”