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Chairman Green on Fox News: Secretary Mayorkas is Using the CBP One App to Mask the Real Crisis at the Border

June 22, 2023

Chairman Green on Fox News: Secretary Mayorkas is Using the CBP One App to Mask the Real Crisis at the Border

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark E. Green, MD (R-TN) joined Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto to discuss the Committee’s ongoing investigation and the newest U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data that shows the crisis at the Southwest border is still unprecedented under Secretary Mayorkas’ dereliction of duty.

On Secretary Mayorkas’ use of the CBP One app to hide the crisis at the Southwest border from the American people:

“They had another month of 200,000 plus migrant [encounters]. And what’s happened since Title 42 is he’s using this CBP One app to actually mask the numbers. So, a person comes to the border, they’re telling them to voluntarily return to Mexico, fill out the app, and then come in. And they’re immediately released; they’re giving them parole into the United States against the Immigration and Naturalization Act. So those numbers are hidden in another count. The numbers aren’t going down; that’s a shell game from Mayorkas.”


“It was Jeh Johnson under Obama who said a thousand a day is a crisis. […] The border is still open. The cartels are still human trafficking. They’re just filling out the app for the people they’re trafficking. It’s not been an improvement, and hence terrorists are still coming.”

On the unprecedented number of suspected terrorists apprehended between ports of entry at the Southwest border under Secretary Mayorkas:

“That number just continues to climb. We had another 29 this month. So, in all of the gotaways, how many of those are terrorists? On top of that, 10,000 plus Chinese nationals, a massive 300% increase [this fiscal year]. It’s crazy. And we now have information that some of those are tied to the PLA. Our open border is a national security crisis.”

On the House Committee on Homeland Security’s investigation into Secretary Mayorkas’ dereliction of duty:

“My Committee doesn’t have the power to impeach, that lies with the Judiciary Committee. What I’m doing is a five-phase investigation of Mayorkas’ failures. Phase One is dereliction of duty. He has violated or subverted 11 congressional laws. He has ignored two court orders to cease and desist his activities. We know he’s lied to Congress. We proved that definitively. […] And he has lied 58 times to the American peoplethe list goes on and on with his dereliction of duty.”