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Katko Discusses NYC & DC Mayors’ Response to Biden Border Crisis on Fox

July 21, 2022

Katko Discusses NYC & DC Mayors’ Response to Biden Border Crisis on Fox

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. John Katko (R-NY), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, joined Martha MacCallum on Fox News’ The Story to discuss Mayor Eric Adams’ comments about the impacts of the Biden Border Crisis overwhelming New York City resources.

Watch his full interview here.

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT-LED CITY CAN’T HANDLE WHAT THEY ADVOCATED FOR: “I think it’s a height of hypocrisy. These are the same people who were advocating for the open borders. Now that the open borders have come to their cities and towns, they’re upset about it. And let’s make something clear, the Governors from Texas and Arizona are not sending these people to New York City. It’s people working on behalf of the Biden Administration called non-governmental organizations who process the illegal aliens, and then send them out all over the country without notifying local communities. So, if Mayor Adams in New York City is complaining because he got a couple of thousand people, what do you think people along the Southern border are doing in small towns and communities that are being overwhelmed on a daily basis with this?”

REPUBLICANS WILL ACT TO SECURE THE BORDER: “I would highly suggest that those Mayors call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and tell the President why they’re concerned. The concern I have is that this administration is not going to do anything about it, but we are going to. I’m heading what’s called the American Security Task Force. My job is to come up with a plan to seal the border and make it secure again. On January 3rd of next year, when we have a new Congress, we’re going to have a border plan ready to go that’s going to fix this problem. And President Biden’s either going to play ball or he’s going to have a really hard time getting any legislation done.”

WHITE HOUSE’S FLIP-FLOP RESPONSE: “Nobody is sending illegal immigrants to New York City except non-governmental organizations working on behalf of this administration. If they have any complaints, it’s about the Biden administration. The Biden administration is creating a human rights catastrophe at the border. There are border communities in Arizona and Texas that are cutting their budgets by 10 to 20 percent just to deal with the number of dead bodies they find in the bushes that they have to process – that’s the reality of what’s going on. There’s nothing humane about what they’ve created at the Southern border.”