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Katko on Fox Business: The Southern Border is on Fire

April 28, 2022

Katko on Fox Business: The Southern Border is on Fire

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. John Katko (R-NY), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security joined Fox Business’ News’ Evening Edit alongside National Border Patrol Council VP Art Del Cueto to discuss the growing security and humanitarian crisis at the southwest border as a result of President Biden’s reckless border security polices.

Watch the full interview here.

DESPERATELY TRYING TO TERMINATE TITLE 42: “It’s good news to start with that Title 42 may not be revoked. But make no mistake about it, this administration is trying to do everything they can to revoke Title 42. [They’re] trying to hide behind a cloak that it’s the Centers for Disease Control that is driving this. That is a bunch of bull because the Centers for Disease Control can be influenced by the President of the United States and he wants Title 42 to go away. They’ve already said that. They want more people coming into United States and it’s already a catastrophically high and dangerous level.”

NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT AT THE BORDER: “The two most significant threats to our country right now are cybersecurity and the southern border. Twenty-three people from the terror watchlist were seized at the border last year and it stands to reason that probably an equal number got through. This border is on fire.”

GOP SOLUTION TO BORDER CRISIS: “[CBP] expects as many as 18,000 people coming across the border [a day]. You can lose operational control, and that’s why the Border Security for America Act which I introduced, and which the Border Patrol Council strongly backs, is going to be a solution. When we get into power next year, that bill will be front and center and we’ll be ready to roll with it.”

PEOPLE COMING FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD: “The Biden administration has created the pull factors [acting like] a magnet…for people to come across. They’re talking about the humanitarian aspect of this. When you refer to that they’re referring to individuals from the Northern Triangle countries and from Mexico, but the fact of the matter is people from over 160 countries have come across the border in the last year. This is a humanitarian crisis. Bad people and people from all across the world are exploiting our southern border because Biden has put out the open sign.”

REMEMBERING SPC BISHOP EVANS: “Bishop Evans is a great example of the chaos at the border. He was a Texas National Guardsmen who was there at the border because the border is out of control and Texas had to send more people there. He died trying to rescue two people that were coming across. Turns out those two people that came across and lived were drug traffickers carrying drugs across the border that are killing our children in the United States. How bizarre is that situation? And how wrong is this administration?”