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BREAKING: Biden Border Crisis Hits One MILLION Encounters in Only SIX Months

April 19, 2022

BREAKING: Biden Border Crisis Hits One MILLION Encounters in Only SIX Months

WASHINGTON, DC—The U.S. reached one million migrant encounters at the border in just the first six months of the fiscal year as a result of President Biden’s misguided and destructive border security policies—shattering previous records.

To put this in perspective, this year CBP saw one million encounters a full three months sooner than last year, demonstrating how progressively worse the crisis at the border is getting. According to CBP, they are on track to reach over two million encounters by the end of this fiscal year.

Once the Biden administration lifts Title 42, the public health authority aimed at keeping communicable diseases like COVID-19 out of the U.S., the surge at the border will be of epic proportions. In fact, there are nearly 60,000 people currently waiting in northern Mexico to cross into the U.S. once Title 42 is lifted. And the Biden administration has no plans to manage the inevitable influx of migrants, according to border agents.

Additionally, Homeland Security Republicans released their latest version of “Border Crisis Startling Stats” depicting just how dire the crisis at the southern border has become.

Rep. John Katko (R-NY), the top Republican on the House Committee on Homeland Security, blasted this dangerous milestone.“This is absolutely unbelievable and completely unacceptable. The Biden administration is breaking all the wrong records, crippling border communities, putting our homeland security on the back burner, and compromising the safety of all Americans,” said Katko. “Under President Biden, cartels have built a stronghold along the southern border, using children as pawns to distract Border Patrol Agents as billions of dollars worth of illicit drugs are smuggled across the border and into American communities. Furthermore, CBP has seized enough fentanyl in the country to kill every American seven times. Bad actors and criminals are working the system at the southwest border as we’ve seen multiple known or suspected terrorists (KSTs) do last year. And what’s President Biden’s response? To completely ignore the crisis and treat our laws as a suggestion, not to be enforced.”

Homeland Security Republicans have consistently put forward reasonable solutions to address the border crisis, pleading with House Democrats and the Biden administration to work with us on this escalating threat to our homeland security.

View Homeland Security Republicans’ latest version of “Startling Stats” here.