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Katko Talks Russia Cyber Threat on Bloomberg TV

April 1, 2022

Katko Talks Russia Cyber Threat on Bloomberg TV

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. John Katko (R-NY), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, joined Bloomberg TV’s Balance of Power to discuss the escalating cyber threat from Russia amid the war in Ukraine and what U.S. companies can do to strengthen their cyber defenses.

Watch the full interview here.



Defending Against Cyber Criminals: “Russia is one of the worst offenders on the world stage for cyberattacks. Many of the cyber-attacks we’ve had in recent years in the U.S., at least the major ones, have been sponsored by Russian entities. They’re basically separate entities within Russia but they act under the perimeter of Putin and the Russian regime.”

Growing Threat From Russia: “Going forward we face a very big threat and the more that Russia is backed into a corner, the more that they’re hurting economically, the more likely it is that Putin is going to lash out against American cyber defenses.”

Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships: “CISA is meant to interact with the private sector and the government sector to make sure that our systems are secure as possible. And it’s completely based on exchanging of information, exchanging our malware, and figuring out how to patch the attacks when they happen, respond to them quicker, and then review systems in the private sector.”

Strengthening U.S. Cyber Defenses: “We have a program on called ‘Shields Up,’ where any entity can get help on how to make their systems more secure. We also have something we just passed into law called incident reporting [which is] going to mandate that private sector companies, when they have significant cyber-attacks, must report those attacks to CISA within 72 hours. We want to help them secure their systems but also learn from those attacks and how to better strengthen systems for everyone nationwide.”