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ICYMI: Katko Leads Effort to Prepare for Threats Against Supply Chain

March 9, 2022

ICYMI: Katko Leads Effort to Prepare for Threats Against Supply Chain

WASHINGTON, DC – Amidst ongoing and evolving threats stemming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Homeland Security Republicans have acted to proactively protect U.S. economic security. Section 6409 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 (NDAA) contains Ranking Member Katko’s Domains Critical to Homeland Security Act, which requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to identify critical supply chain links across various sectors and continually assess threats to economic and homeland security.

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens supply chain disruptions now more than ever,” said Ranking Member John Katko (R-NY). “U.S. adversaries such as Russia and China have exploited American and global supply chains for their own gain for years. These actions became even more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. This legislation ensures that the U.S. is better prepared for future disasters, crises, and conflicts.”

This legislation requires the Department of Homeland of Security to:

  • Analyze the risk of each identified critical domain for economic security to determine whether there exists a present or future threat to homeland security in the event of disruption, corruption, or dysfunction of such domain.
  • Produce an annual report on the risk analysis conducted, including the vulnerability of critical supply chains, foreign manufacturing, foreign economic influence, asset ownership, and supply chain relationships.

Read the bill text here.