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Katko to Lead Task Force on American Security

April 28, 2021

Katko to Lead Task Force on American Security

WASHINGTON, DC— Rep. John Katko (R-NY), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, was chosen to lead the American Security Task Force, recently announced by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Announcing the Task Force, Leader McCarthy said, “Bolstering our nation’s security is an integral part of Republicans’ legislative plan for when we win back the House next Congress. That is why I chose Congressman John Katko to chair the American Security Task Force, an issue-specific task force charged with leading our conference’s efforts on matters ranging from cybersecurity, supporting law enforcement, and solving the humanitarian and national security crisis President Biden’s policies created at our southern border. As the Ranking Member on the House Committee on Homeland Security, and as a former prosecutor with experience working cases on counterterrorism, border security, and drug and human trafficking, John has the experience necessary to help build a more safe and secure American future.”

“Securing the homeland is an American imperative,” said Ranking Member Katko. “Our country is at a pivotal moment and we have a choice to either shrink back or step up to these challenges that will shape our nation for generations to come. The American Security Task Force will be fundamental to our efforts to defend against the unprecedented ways our homeland security, national security, economic security, and way of life are threatened daily.”

“As our nation’s major cities grapple with significant increases in crime and violence, reckless and unfair calls to defund our police departments and demonize our police officers are taking a toll. This week reports surfaced that there have been more than 5,300 NYPD retirements in 2020, a 75% increase from 2019. This is unsustainable and threatens the stability and safety of our communities. We can make sensible reforms to help our dedicated law enforcement officers do their jobs, without disbanding police departments and jeopardizing public safety. Defunding the police is not the answer.”

“Furthermore, President Biden’s weak border security policies have failed the American people. As the crisis at the southwest border rapidly intensifies, every state has now become a border state, and every community is affected by this Administration’s destructive policies. When the rule of law is not upheld, the fabric of all our communities suffers. Bad actors and criminals are working the system at the southwest border threatening the safety, health and security of our homeland,” continued Katko.

“Nation states and bad actors continue to prey on our nation’s cybersecurity infrastructure, searching for vulnerabilities or gaps to cause harm and steal information. This is no longer just an ‘IT issue’ but rather one of the greatest homeland security and national security threats of our time. We are working to not only account for the threats of today but also the emerging risks of tomorrow.”

Katko concluded, “We have our work cut out for us, but I can assure you we are up to the challenge. I am honored to be trusted to lead this critical task force and look forward to working with the Republican Conference to put forward actionable and constructive solutions to ensure the security of our nation and the safety of all Americans.”