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ICYMI: Rogers Discusses Tensions with Iran on Bulls & Bears

September 20, 2019

ICYMI: Rogers Discusses Tensions with Iran on Bulls & Bears

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WASHINGTON – Rep. Mike Rogers, ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, joined Fox Business’ Bulls & Bears yesterday to discuss escalating tensions with Iran.

On the Possibility of Military Escalation:  
“Not only do we have a litany of responses that we can make that go from kinetic action back through [to] cyberaction, [we have] a whole laundry list of things we can do short of an attack on their homeland…We’re nowhere close to going to war…[Iran has] a lot of steps that they can take short of another attack, to try to again disturb the price of oil and shake…maximum pressure sanctions, which are having a very real effect on their economy and putting pressure on their leaders…If they kill American soldiers, that would be a line that was crossed as far as I’m concerned [and] we should attack”

On Proof Iran Was Behind the Attack:
“[We]are currently going through the process of gathering the debris and doing assessments that we hope, within the next seven to 10 days, to be able to give absolute certainty to both Saudi Arabia and to our allies…who the culprit was in taking this action.”

On the Iran Deal: 
“If we had not given Iran relief when the JCPOA was signed, they would have already been crippled. We let them up for air. We let them enter into contracts. We gave them their money back and that gave them a new life.”