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UPDATE: Crisis at the Border – Situation Deteriorating by the Day

April 1, 2019

UPDATE: Crisis at the Border – Situation Deteriorating by the Day

Worsening Border Crisis Threatens National Security, Migrant Safety


Hundreds of migrants were held last week underneath the Paso Del Norte International Bridge because CBP ran out of space to process them.
Photo courtesy CBP.

Setting Records

  • Last Monday, law enforcement apprehended the most migrants in a single day EVER, with more than 4,000 migrants arriving at our southwest border. That is, until Tuesday when that record was broken AGAIN with more than 4,100 migrants arriving at the border.
  • Unauthorized border crossings are at a 12-year high and its only getting worse.
  • Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is predicting 100,000 illegal border crossings in March – nearly a 500 percent spike from the same period in 2017.

Catch and Release

  • Law enforcement doesn’t have the resources to process and detain the crushing influx of migrants arriving at the border. As a result, they are directly releasingmigrants into the United States – catch and release.
  • This policy is dangerous, but law enforcement has no other choice because Democrats in Congress have failed to provide them with what they need to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

Democrat Strategy? Deny, Deny, Deny Then Blame Trump

  • Democrats want to have it both ways. First, they continue to double down on their rhetoric that there’s no crisis, despite growing pleas from law enforcement for Congressional action. What is it going to take for Democrats to acknowledge that there is a crisis?
  • Then, Democrats cry foul about how migrants are being detained at our border, conditions that are a direct result of Congressional Democrats depriving law enforcement of the resources they need to do their job.

Bottom Line: Democrats need to put aside politics and address the reality at our border: There is a crisis that is worsening by the day. Without Congressional action, the situation on the ground poses a serious threat to human life and national security.


Contact: Nicole Hager