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Rogers Supports DHS Efforts to Address Terrorist, Cyber, Border Threats

March 18, 2019

Rogers Supports DHS Efforts to Address Terrorist, Cyber, Border Threats

Top Homeland Republican Reacts to 2019 State of Homeland Security Address

WASHINGTON — Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.), ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, today released a statement in support of Secretary Nielsen’s 2019 Homeland Security priorities following her State of Homeland Security address:

Our homeland faces emerging and multifaceted threats from jihadists, to hackers, to transnational criminals and nation-state adversaries and I strongly support Secretary Nielsen’s commitment to ensure that DHS is prepared to identify, prevent and recover from them.

DHS was born out of 9/11 to improve our ability to counter complex terror attacks. While it is essential that DHS remains focused on its core counterterror mission, I agree with Secretary Nielsen that DHS should increase its efforts to combat the threat of domestic extremism. DHS may be able to do more to support DOJ and the FBI in their efforts

I also agree that we need to do more to address growing cyber-threats. As technology becomes increasing intertwined with all aspects of American life, it increases the opportunities for hackers and bad actors to strike. Whether it’s securing our infrastructure,
protecting against election interference, or addressing threats to our networks, bolstering cyber-security becomes increasingly important by the day. I am ready to get to work to improve our cyber-readiness.

Further, I continue to support the secretary’s desire to address the crisis at our border. Cartels and smugglers are exploiting loopholes in our immigration system, overwhelming law enforcement. In addition to fixing our flawed system, Congress needs to pass
laws bolstering border security to stop the influx of drugs and illegal immigrants into our country.


Contact: Nicole Hager