Chairman Green Statement on Removal of Chinese Spy Balloon from U.S. Airspace

WASHINGTON, DC— Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark E. Green, MD (R-TN) issued the following statement after U.S. officials confirmed the Chinese spy balloon was shot down and removed from U.S. airspace.

“I want to thank the servicemembers of the U.S. Armed Forces and commend their successful mission to take down the Chinese surveillance balloon over the Atlantic Ocean this afternoon. While I am pleased that this espionage tool used by the Chinese Communist Party to spy on the U.S. homeland will not be returning to its original owners in the People’s Republic of China, it is indefensible that this threat was eliminated only after great public outcry and the damage to U.S. national security and American sovereignty was already done.

“The fact remains that President Biden, when faced with the opportunity to protect the homeland from our adversaries, chose yet again to demonstrate weakness on the global stage. From the Southern border to Afghanistan and, now, Chinese surveillance directly above our homes and sensitive military installations, this President shows he is not interested in protecting American interests. The Homeland Security Committee will continue demanding both action and answers from this administration.”


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