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US News & World Report: Farrakhan’s Hate Sermons to Prisoners Slammed

By Paul Bedard

US News & World Report


Hate sermons from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan like "Bible Truth or Altered by the White Man" and another in which he claims 9/11 was meant to hide oil profits to former Vice President Dick Cheney are being blasted by two prominent House leaders who want Farrakhan's words banned from federal prisons.

Worried that prisoners are being radicalized and even turned into terrorists by Farrakhan, Reps. Peter King and Frank Wolf today asked U.S. Bureau of Prisons Acting Director Thomas Kane to remove Nation of Islam material from prisons and to audit all other Islamic texts and sermons made available to inmates.

King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has been focused on the threat of Islamic radicalization in U.S. prisons. "It defies common sense that any inmate, let alone convicted al Qaeda terrorists, would be able to receive anti-American and anti-Semitic propaganda from the Bureau of Prisons," said King.

Wolf, who chairs the appropriations subcommittee that funds federal prisons, added, "I am committed to conducting thorough oversight of BOP to ensure that our prisons are not breeding grounds for terrorism."

King's committee has looked into anti-American themes in Farrakhan's sermons and messages to prisoners and found very disturbing evidence that the panel feels will lead to radicalizing inmates.

In one video Farrakhan reportedly states, "I hasten to tell you that the precious lives that were lost in the World Trade Center was a cover, a cover for a war that had been planned to bring a pipeline through Afghanistan to bring oil from that region, oil owned by Unocal, of which Dick Cheney is a stock holder."

Among the Nation of Islam video titles offered to inmates are "Conspiracy of the International Bankers," "Conspiracy of the U.S. Government," "Controversy with Jews," and "Which One Will You Choose, the Flag of Islam or the Flag of America?"

Write King and Wolf in the letter just provided to Whispers, "We ask you to immediately remove all written, audio and video materials produced by the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan from all BOP facilities. We also request that you launch an immediate and comprehensive audit of all other Islamic texts and sermons made available to inmates in BOP facilities, including a review of your procedures for vetting such materials."