Subcommittee Passes Transportation Security Legislation

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Washington, D.C. (Thursday, May 12, 2011) — Today, the Subcommittee on Transportation Security, chaired by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), passed, by voice vote, three separate transportation security bills, reporting them to the Full Committee. 

The Subcommittee passed H.R. 1690, The “Modernizing of Documentation and Elimination of Redundant Identification and Security Credentials Act” (The MODERN Security Credentials Act), introduced by Chairman Rogers.   H.R. 1690 eliminates redundancies in the transportation security credentialing process administered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  The MODERN Security Credentials Act reduces costs for certain commercial motor vehicle operators by streamlining the credentialing process so that they will no longer be required to undergo multiple, duplicative threat assessments and by eliminating redundancies and overlap between the federal credentialing process and those at the state and local levels.  In addition, the bill establishes a task force of industry, labor and government stakeholders to provide recommendations for further modernizing the threat assessment process. 

In addition, the Subcommittee passed H.R. 1801, the “Risk-Based Security Screening for Members of The Armed Forces Act,” introduced by Subcommittee Member Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN) and co-sponsored by Chairman Rogers.  H.R. 1801 provides for expedited airport security screenings for members of the U.S. military and their accompanying family members. 

The Subcommittee also passed H.R. 1165, The “Transportation Security Administration Ombudsman Act of 2011,” introduced by Subcommittee Ranking Member Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).  H.R. 1165 statutorily establishes an Ombudsman Office within the TSA to provide assistance in addressing workplace-related issues of TSA employees. 

A summary of the Subcommittee’s action and a video of Chairman Rogers’ opening statement at the markup can be viewed at the Committee on Homeland Security website.


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