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Daily News: Rep. King is feeling heat over Muslim hearings – protests, twitter campaign planned by celebs

BY Samuel Goldsmith
Daily News
March 6, 2011

Protesters outraged by Rep. Peter King's congressional inquiry into the "radicalization" of Muslim Americans are standing up to say, "Today, I am a Muslim, Too."

Events Sunday include a celebrity Twitter blitz organized by hip hop icon Russell Simmons and a 2 p.m. rally at 42nd St. and Seventh Ave.

Sean (Diddy) Combs, Kim Kardashian and others will tweet the slogan with the hashtag #mar6.

"The idea of those people Tweeting "I am a Muslim, Too' is huge," Simmons said. "Tens of millions of Americans will know we stand with Muslims."

Rep. King (R-L.I.) will hold hearings next Friday to "raise awareness of the radical threat within the United States coming from within the Muslim community."

"I'm not going to give in to political correctness," King said. "I don't care how many celebrities he gets."