Press Release


Omnibus Strengthens Defenses Against Homeland Threats

Provides Funding for Construction of Border Wall, First Responders Grant Programs, Aviation Security Technology, and Cybersecurity

Washington, D.C. – The Omnibus spending bill, passed by the House of Representatives today with a vote of 256 to 167, includes provisions that strengthen the security of our homeland, including robust funding to fight terrorism, secure our borders, enhance first responder capabilities, boost aviation security technology, and improve our cybersecurity. In addition, the bill delivers the biggest increase in defense funding in 15 years to fully fund our military and give our troops a well-deserved pay raise.

Chairman McCaul: The safety and security of Americans is on the line. We must continue to provide the resources to best protect the American people from the constantly-changing landscape at home and abroad. This bill does just that. It begins construction of the President’s border wall, including funds for physical barriers along the Southwest border, technology, and levee wall in my home state of Texas. Additionally, we rebuild our military readiness around the globe, improve our cybersecurity capabilities, and provide funds for advanced Computed Tomography scanners to better secure our airports.”

Below are a provisions that directly strengthen our homeland security:

Border Security

$1.571 billion in border fence money
$251 million for 14 miles of replacement fence in San Diego
$445 million for 28 miles of levee fence in Rio Grande Valley
$196 million for pedestrian fence in Rio Grande Valley
$445 million for replacement fence
$196 million for border technology

First Responder Grants

State Homeland Security Grant Program – $507 million, including:
– Operation Stonegarden: $85 million (a $30 million increase)
– Nonprofit Security Grants: $10 million (first time that Non-Profit Grants will be available to non-profits outside of a UASI)
UASI – $630 million
Transit: $100m
Ports – $100 million
Assistance to Firefighters – $350 million
SAFER (fire fighter staffing grants) – $350 million

Transportation Security Administration

$7.2 billion total for TSA
$167 million for procurement, including $64 million for accelerated acquisition and deployment of Computed Tomography Technology 

Cybersecurity/Election Security

NPPD Operations and Support is funded at $1.48 billion (up from $1.37 billion FY17 enacted)
– Cybersecurity within NPPD is funded at nearly $723 million (up from $669 million FY17 enacted)
$380 million in grant money to the Election Assistance Commission for states to improve the administration of elections, including election technology