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New York Daily News: Dems rejoice, GOP recoils: Pete King blasts Obama for new, more open amnesty policy

New York Daily News – by Joseph Straw

WASHINGTON – Rep. Pete King blasted President Obama's new deportation policy Friday as a "blatant" bid to grant amnesty to "potentially millions of illegal aliens."

The head of the House Homeland Security Committee accused Obama of picking and choosing which laws to enforce.

King (R-Nassau) cited Obama's remarks from July: "Some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own … but that's not how our system works."

"Apparently, the President's understanding of how our government works has changed since last month," King fumed.

The administration plans to review all deportation cases and throw convicted crooks out of the country.

Others can stay, in particular people who came as kids.

The plan is intended to give a pass to "someone who simply came here to work," an administration official said.

The move drew praise from Democrats.

"This is the Barack Obama I have been waiting for and that Latino and immigrant voters helped put in office," said Rep. Luis GutiƩrrez (D-Ill.).