McCaul Statement on President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Proposal

Chairman McCaul: “President Trump again demonstrated his commitment to a safe and secure America in this budget proposal. The President continues to make cybersecurity and border security top priorities. His emphasis on strengthening our cybersecurity operations at the Department of Homeland Security is critical in countering our highly sophisticated cyber adversaries, and his steadfast promise to build a wall along our southern border and provide additional resources in technology, infrastructure, and personnel will better protect our homeland and citizens.

At a time when America faces the most dynamic threat environment since 9/11, it’s essential we enhance our frontline defenses. Our aviation sector still remains the ‘crown jewel’ of terrorist targets, and they continue to develop more ways to defeat our layered security. We must have the best technology in the field, including additional funding for computed tomography (CT) scanners, properly trained personnel, and additional canines to protect the traveling public.

“I also remain concerned about the proposed cuts to core terrorism preparedness grants. As Chairman, I am committed to working with the Trump Administration and my colleagues to ensure our first responders have the resources they need to defend our homeland.”