Terror Threat Snapshot


McCaul Releases April Terror Threat Snapshot

Washington, D.C. – House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) today released April’s Terror Threat Snapshot, a monthly assessment of the Committee’s continuing effort to highlight the growing threat America, the West, and the world face from ISIS and other Islamist terrorists.

Chairman Michael McCaul: “One year after the heinous attack in Brussels, ISIS continues to leverage the power of lone-wolfs targeting the West—most recently at the heart of the British government. We must remain clear-eyed about the threats we face. Islamist terror has been franchised to followers not only in strongholds like Iraq and Syria, but in all corners of the world, and they are using everything from sophisticated explosives to their own vehicles to kill innocent people. We must intensify our efforts to deny these terrorists safe havens abroad, while more aggressively countering jihadist radicalization efforts here in the United States.”

Key Points: 

  • March was the sixth anniversary of the Syrian civil war. The ISIS threat still disseminates from the country, as the group clings to control of its self-declared caliphate in the face of the Syrian Democratic Forces’ offensive to expel it.
  • Another anniversary was marked with bloodshed as an ISIS-inspired attack on our British allies in the heart of London left one American and three Britons dead. One year after the heinous ISIS attacks were carried out in Brussels, the group claimed a car and knife attack that took place on Westminster Bridge and outside the British Parliament, a bustling, touristfilled part of town and the seat of the British government.
  • A new Al Qaeda merger in the Islamic Maghreb establishing Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam walMuslimin dangerously emboldens the Al Qaeda faction by strengthening the group’s coordination and bandwidth in the region.
  • Afghanistan was rocked again in March by a deadly ISIS Khorasan raid on a military hospital along with multiple attacks by Taliban insurgents.

The complete April Terror Threat Snapshot is available, here.

View the Committee’s interactive Terror Threat Snapshothere.

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