Press Release


McCaul on President Trump Signing Immigration Executive Order

Washington, D.C. – Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) issued the following statement on President Trump signing an executive order regarding immigration and border security.

Chairman McCaul: “For years, Americans have demanded that Washington do its job and secure our borders. Today, President Trump took bold action to finally make it happen. I applaud the President for moving swiftly to put in place the multi-layered barrier defenses we need to keep criminals, drugs, and potential terrorists out of our country. But the President didn’t stop there. He is putting an end to the last Administration’s reckless immigration policies by ensuring we don’t just ‘catch and release’ illegal aliens, but that we catch and deport them—especially those who have committed crimes. Finally, President Trump is sending a clear message to cities: if you harbor illegal aliens and refuse to comply with federal law, you will be stripped of federal grant dollars. I will work closely with the White House to ensure the Administration has all necessary resources and authorities to secure our border, enforce our laws, and protect the United States.”