McCaul Lauds Signing of Three Homeland Security Bills into Law

New Laws Better Protect American Air Travelers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the President signed into law three House Homeland Security Committee bills, H.R. 4698, H.R. 5338, and H.R. 2843, that optimize airport security checkpoints across the United States and alleviate passenger wait times. The measures play a critical role in keeping air travelers safe in America, as well as those flying home from abroad.

Chairman McCaul: “We don’t need any more reminders of how intent terrorists are to exploit the flying public. Istanbul, Brussels, the Sinai Peninsula—the pace of attacks, along with the intent of ISIS, is not waning. These laws protect American air travelers by requiring security assessments and coordination enhancement plans at our airports at home, while also ramping up security at foreign airports with direct flights into the United States.”