McCaul: Congress Must Act to Ensure TSA Addresses Staffing Needs on the Ground & in the Air

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, at the request of House Homeland Security Chairman McCaul (R-TX), the GAO released a report that found that TSA could better incorporate risk into its method of selecting which flights to deploy Federal Air Marshals (FAMS). These recommendations are consistent with recent testimony by the airline industry and airport community highlighting flaws with TSA’s current staffing models at our nation’s airports.

Chairman McCaul: “Unfortunately GAO’s findings that the Federal Air Marshals are not being allocated in the most effective and risk-based manner is consistent with the challenges TSA faces with its on the ground resources at the checkpoints. We have been reminded again that TSA does not always do a very good job of identifying its needs and efficiently leveraging its existing resources. Congress needs to act to ensure that TSA is adequately assessing its staffing needs both on the ground and in the air, and that TSA is deploying its existing resources in order to mitigate risk and do all it can to prevent terrorist attacks.”