Press Release


McCaul Commends President Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy

Washington D.C. – House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX), and a senior Member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, released the following statement commending President Trump’s strategy for the war in Afghanistan.


Chairman McCaul: “Recent attacks across Europe and the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 remind us that radical Islamist terrorists are fully committed to attacking America and our allies. Tonight, President Trump spoke with a clear determination and articulated a new, multi-faceted strategy that will allow us to achieve victory in Afghanistan and better protect our homeland.

“We cannot repeat the same mistake the Obama administration made when they prematurely withdrew all troops from Iraq, leaving behind a power vacuum for ISIS to exploit and inspire Islamist extremists all around the world. A new military strategy is essential to winning this fight. And, as the president stated, we must continue to pursue diplomatic, economic and other measures with our allies in the region and around the world to deny our enemies valuable resources, while pressuring Pakistan to stop providing safe havens to terrorists. 

“I strongly commend President Trump and his national security team for this new approach. This must be an international effort, but with American leadership, I am confident we can stamp out terrorism wherever it exists.”