Press Release


McCaul: Border Security Must Come First

Media Contacts: Mike Rosen, Charlotte Sellmyer (202) 226-8417

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) released the following statement regarding the need for immigration reforms to be contingent upon securing our borders. Chairman McCaul will travel this week to the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach to review maritime border security operations, and next week will hold a hearing to examine emerging threats to the homeland and lay out goals for securing our borders.

Chairman McCaul: “Today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing began the official conversation in Congress on immigration reform. While we understand the need to fix our immigration system, we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past. The 1986 immigration reform did not stop the flow of illegal immigrants. Today, gaining operational control of our borders is not optional: it is the first step in this process.

“Every day, everything from humans to illicit drugs are smuggled across our borders. While the Administration claims it has spent more funds to secure the border than ever before, the fact remains that the Department of Homeland Security still does not have a comprehensive plan to secure the border that includes a reasonable definition of operational control we can measure. Only by implementing a strategy with such metrics can we prevent repeating this debate ten years from now.”