Press Release


McCaul on Administration Secretly Lifting Sanctions on Iranian Banks

Washington, D.C.– Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) released the following statement in regards to new information that the Obama Administration secretly lifted sanctions on certain Iranian banks:

Chairman McCaul: “The Obama Administration’s nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, has undoubtedly put our country and our allies at risk. But the “drip-drip” revelations of secret side deals shows that the appeasement is far worse than Congress, or the American public, ever knew. This has gone far enough. The Commander-in-Chief shouldn’t be prematurely opening up financial channels and sending plane loads of ransom cash to a regime with American blood on its hands. The White House has lost the trust of the American people, and Congress should work with the next president to restore it. We can start by reversing the Iran deal and scrapping this Administration’s naïve policies toward our enemies.”