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King Statement on Indictment of Warsame

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Washington, D.C. (July 6, 2011) – ­U.S. Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY), Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, issued the following statement on the indictment of Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame, a foreign terrorist with ties to al-Shabaab:

“I commend the Administration and the intelligence community for the capture and interrogation of Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame. Valuable intelligence has been gathered that will continue to assist in the protection of American citizens here at home.

“While the capture of Warsame is a success, I have serious concerns about the Administration’s decision to try this terrorist in a civilian court. He is not an American citizen, nor did his criminal acts or his detention occur in the U.S. He is a Somali who traveled to Yemen for terror training. Warsame is a foreigner and an unlawful enemy combatant.

“The decision for discreetly bringing such an individual to U.S. soil is unclear. Unless the Administration has extremely compelling reasons, I strongly believe Warsame belongs before a military commission at Guantanamo Bay rather than in a civilian court in Manhattan.

“Additionally, while this trial will not approach the same high-profile as a trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would have, the cost for security imposed on New York Police Department and the Federal Protection Services will be above and beyond what these organizations have planned.”