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Daily News: Rep. Peter King will testify before British Parliament on threat of home-grown terrorists

By Alison Gendar

WASHINGTON – New York Rep. Peter King is testifying Tuesday before Britain's Parliament about the growing threat of home-grown terrorists.

King is slated to be the lead witness for the House of Commons' inquiry entitled "Roots of Violent Radicalization."

"They have a much deeper problem than anything we have here, in terms of community hostility" said King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

"They have no-go zones, hostile neighborhoods in the U.K. where it is pretty dangerous for non-Muslims to go. We have nothing at all like that," said King (R-Nassau)

King had generated a fire-storm of criticism in the spring and summer for his series of congressional hearings probing the extent of radicalization in America's Muslims communities.

King said the vast majority of American Muslims are loyal, law-abiding citizens.

He had met with his British counterparts over the summer and was invited by the Home Affairs Committee Chairman Keith Vaz to share his experiences.