McCaul Announces ISIS Has Reached 75 Plots Against the West

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul released a report, Terror Gone Viral. This report examines the 75 (to date) ISIS-linked terrorist plots against the West—and plainly shows that the United States is overwhelmingly the group’s main target.

Chairman McCaul: “ISIS has reached an unprecedented level of terror plotting against the United States and our allies. The group’s focus on ‘do-it-yourself’ jihad has allowed them to franchise their attacks worldwide, achieving a tempo of violence that has surpassed even al Qaeda’s most violent years. However, this report reminds us that we cannot win by simply bombing terrorist safe havens. Today’s jihadists are finding shelter in virtual safe havens, too, and recruiting with the ease of a retweet. That is why a counter-ISIS strategy focused on Syria and Iraq just won’t cut it. We need a global plan to defeat Islamist terrorists and a robust coalition to see it through.”

Key takeaways in the report include:

  • ISIS’ focus on external operations appears to be on the rise.
  • The group’s anti-Western attacks are getting deadlier.
  • While most ISIS plots have been crowd-sourced or conducted by lone wolves, the line between “inspired” and “directed” is getting blurrier.
  • Foreign fighters have played a significant role in ISIS-linked plots.


The complete report is available, here.