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July 2013
Report: TSA Must Apply Misconduct Policies Uniformly
Report Shows Reform Needed for TSA Contract Screening Program
June 2013
Report: DHS Must Do More to Meet its Cybersecurity Responsibilities
TSA Behavior Detection Program Not Objective, Lacks Strategic Plan
May 2013
Improper Oversight of CBP Helicopter Conversion Has Led to Delays, Higher Costs
DOJ Report: Known Terrorists Not Put on Watch Lists
Report: CBP Must Address Information Security Weaknesses
Report: TWIC Reader Pilot Results Unreliable
TSA Must Stop Wasteful Spending on Equipment Storage
April 2013
GAO Details How FEMA Can Improve Reservist Program
GAO: National Security Information Sharing Entities Duplicate Efforts
March 2013
Report on 'Fast and Furious' Highlights Problems at DHS & ICE
February 2013
Report Shows Communities Along Southwest Border are Safe
Report Shows DHS Making Progress on Cybersecurity
Federal Agencies Need More Robust Facility Security Policy
Port Security Radiation Portal Monitors Need Better Management and Planning
January 2013
TSA Passenger Screening Canine Teams Need Validation and Proper Assessment
Secret Service Report Leaves Questions Unanswered
Report Calls for Improved Border Security Strategic Plan
December 2012
GAO Report Shows Problems with TSA SPP Program