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Press Releases

March 2013
Bipartisan Group to Inquire on TSA Prohibited Items Policy Change
Thompson Statement on TSA Policy Change for Prohibited Items
February 2013
Report Shows Communities Along Southwest Border are Safe
Report Shows DHS Making Progress on Cybersecurity
Federal Agencies Need More Robust Facility Security Policy
Homeland Security - Sequester Must Be Prevented
Rep. Thompson Statement on Cybersecurity Executive Order
Port Security Radiation Portal Monitors Need Better Management and Planning
Rep. Thompson Statement on Immigration Reform
January 2013
TSA Passenger Screening Canine Teams Need Validation and Proper Assessment
Secret Service Report Leaves Questions Unanswered
EEOC to Investigate Employment Practices at TSA
Thompson Announces Subcommittee Ranking Members – and Welcomes New Democratic Members
Thompson Commends TSA For Screening Machine Replacement
Thompson on Nation's Deficient Levee System
Thompson Statement on "Best Places to Work" Survey
Thompson named as Vice-Chair of Congressional Gun Violence Task Force
Report Calls for Improved Border Security Strategic Plan
December 2012
GAO Report Shows Problems with TSA SPP Program
Thompson Announced as Homeland Security Ranking Democrat