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Press Releases

June 2015
Ranking Member Thompson Hearing Statement - Terrorism Gone Viral: Garland, Texas and Beyond
Permanent Administrator Needed at TSA
Ranking Member Thompson Marks the Start of the 2015 Hurricane Season
Thompson Statement on TSA Covert Testing Reports
April 2015
Thompson Statement on TSA Administrator Nomination
Thompson Statement on Airport Access Control Report
Thompson Statement on the Second Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings
Thompson Statement on Trial Verdict
March 2015
Thompson Statement on Secret Service Appointment
Thompson Statement on Secret Service Incident
Finally: House Passes Clean DHS Funding Bill
February 2015
Thompson to Speaker: Pass a Clean DHS Bill Tonight
Twelve Hours Left: Thompson Calls on House GOP to End the Games & Pass a Clean Bill
Thompson Statement & Fact Sheet on Ongoing DHS Funding Crisis
Homeland Security Committee Announces Task Force on Terrorist, Foreign Fighter Threat
Thompson: Pass a Clean DHS Bill Now
Thompson on Secret Service Director Appointment
DHS Needs Full-Year Funding to Address High-Risk Programs
Thompson Hearing Statement – Countering Violent Islamist Extremism: The Urgent Threat of Foreign Fighters and Homegrown Terror
Thompson Statement on Anthem Breach