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Press Releases

March 2016
Ranking Member Thompson Hearing Statement - FY2017 DHS Budget
February 2016
DHS Budget Reflects Cuts to Homeland Security First Responders
Ranking Member Thompson Hearing Statement on Visa Security & Refugee Vetting
December 2015
Thompson Statement on the Cybersecurity Act of 2015
Thompson Statement on Visa Waiver Legislation
Thompson Statement on the President's Address to the Nation
Hoyer, Lofgren, Thompson Announce Support for Visa Waiver Program Improvement Bill
November 2015
Thompson Statement Opposing GOP Refugee Legislation
Ranking Members Thompson, Schiff and Lofgren Joint Statement on Syrian Refugee Bill on House Floor Tomorrow
Thompson Statement on Refugee Vetting Process
Levin, Thompson, Roybal-Allard, McDermott Statement on Customs Offset in Highway Bill
September 2015
Report Finds Lack of Federal Oversight of Red Cross Disaster Assistance
Thompson Statement on the Anniversary of September 11
Ranking Member Thompson Announces Support for Iran Nuclear Agreement
August 2015
Thompson Statement on the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
July 2015
Thompson Hearing Statement - Aviation Security Challenged: Is TSA Ready for the Threats of Today?
TSA: Managed Inclusion to Be Phased Out
Thompson Hearing Statement - "The Rise of Radicalization in the United States"
No Case for Countering Violent Extremism Office
June 2015
Thompson on TSA Administrator Confirmation