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Press Releases

November 2018
Thompson: Trump’s Cruel Immigration Agenda Intended to Foment Border Chaos
Thompson Statement on CISA Signed Into Law
Cummings and Thompson Issue Statement on Coast Guard Investigative Service’s Seizure of Whistleblower Communications
Thompson Statement on the President’s Immigration Speech
October 2018
Thompson: President Trump’s Latest Immigration Policies are Nothing More Than Desperate Political Stunts
Thompson Statement on Synagogue Shooting in Pittsburgh
Thompson Statement on Politically Charged Terror Attacks
Top Democrats Issue Statement on Trump and Pence Claims After DHS Provides Election Security Update
Thompson Statement on Trump Administration’s Cruel ‘Public Charge’ Proposed Rule
Thompson, Vela Statement on DHS Waivers to Disregard Environmental Laws Along Border
IG Report: DHS Ignored the Law & Lied to Congress on Family Separation Policy
September 2018
Election Security Task Force Co-Chairs Call for Congressional Action following DEF CON Voting Village Report
Thompson Highlights Democratic Provisions in FAA Reauthorization
Thompson Statement on One Year Since Hurricane Maria Made Landfall
Trump Attempting to Rewrite History Denying the Deaths of Thousands Means He Is Unfit to Serve
Top Democrats: Trump Executive Order on Election Interference Won’t Help States Protect Elections Against Future Attacks
Thompson Statement on DHS Transferring Millions from FEMA to ICE
Thompson Statement on the 17th Anniversary of September 11
Thompson Statement on News TSA Will Re-open Air Cargo Security Division
August 2018
Thompson Statement on Trump Calling Hurricane Maria Response ‘Fantastic’