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Press Releases

August 2019
Thompson & Rogers Announce Subpoena of 8chan Owner Watkins
Thompson Delivers Remarks at Homeland Security Forum on Faith-Based Communities in Jackson Mississippi
Chairman Thompson Statement on Mississippi ICE Raid
Chairman Thompson Releases Action Plan to Redouble Efforts to Address Domestic Terrorism Threat
Thompson Statement on Trump Speech
Thompson Statement on the El Paso Attack
July 2019
Thompson Statement on Trump Plan to Deny Legal Asylum
Thompson NDAA Amendment Passes House to Ban ICE from Using DoD Facilities
Thompson Statement on Rio Grande Valley CBP Facility Overcrowding and Prolonged Detention
Thompson Statement on Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group
June 2019
Thompson Statement on DHS Leadership Chaos
Thompson Statement on Acting CBP Commissioner Sanders’ Resignation
Thompson Statement on Border Detention Conditions and Transfer of Migrant Children
Thompson Statement on CISA Alert Regarding Iranian Cyber Threats
Thompson: After Trump Comments, We Must Pass Election Security Act Now
House Passes Thompson-led Bipartisan Bill to Help Protect Synagogues, Churches, and Mosques From Terrorist Attacks
Thompson Statement on CBP Data Breach
Thompson Statement on Cuccinelli Appointment
Chairman Thompson: DHS OIG Must Restore Confidence in its Work
Thompson: Continued Humanitarian Crisis at Border Shows Trump Policies Have Failed
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