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Press Releases

October 2022
Chairman Thompson Statement Condemning Attack on Paul Pelosi and Urging Increased Protection of Officials, Elections, and our Democracy
Chairs Thompson and Clarke Statement on the Biden Administration’s New Cybersecurity Performance Goals
Chairs Thompson and Clarke Call on Republican Leadership to Wholly Reject Threats to Election Officials and Voter Intimidation
Chairman Thompson Releases Statement on Government Watchdog Report on FEMA Workforce Discrimination and Harassment
Chairman Thompson Statement on President Biden’s New National Security Strategy
Thompson Statement on the Department of Homeland Security’s Counterterrorism Coordinator Appointment
Chairman Thompson Condemns Trump Comments Stoking Violence
September 2022
Demings, Jackson Lee, Barragan, Torres to Visit Puerto Rico
Chairs Thompson, Clarke Applaud $1 Billion in Funding for New State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program
Chairman Thompson Commends Biden Administration Actions to Combat Extremism
Chairman Thompson Releases Statement Marking 21 Years Since the September 11 Attacks
Chairs Thompson and Demings Mark Start of National Preparedness Month
August 2022
Thompson Statement on Mississippi Water Crisis
Chairman Thompson Condemns Threats Against Law Enforcement
Chairs Thompson and Maloney Release 2013 DOJ OIG Memo Raising Ethics and Independence Concerns over DHS IG, Reiterate Call for DHS IG to Stand Aside
July 2022
Government Watchdog Report Released on Security Gaps that Leave the Nation Vulnerable to a Dirty Bomb Attack
Chairman Thompson Statement on CBP Investigation into the Mistreatment of Migrants in Del Rio, Texas
June 2022
Chairman Thompson Statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision Allowing the Biden Administration to End Trump’s Cruel ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy
May 2022
Chairman Thompson Statement on Domestic Terrorism Attack in Buffalo
Chairs Thompson and Maloney Issue Statements on Customs & Border Protection Disbanding Teams That May Have Obstructed Investigations