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Media Advisories

August 2021
THURSDAY: Roundtable with National Security Experts on the 9/11 Attacks Twenty Years Later
NEXT WEEK: Legislative Hearing on Bipartisan Cyber Incident Reporting Bill
July 2021
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Hearing on Developing Our Cybersecurity Workforce
TOMORROW @ 2PM: Hearing on DHS's Efforts to Disrupt Transnational Criminal Organizations in Central America
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Congressional Hearing on Terrorism and Digital Financing
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Congressional Hearing on TSA’s Strategy for Addressing Increased Summer Travel
TOMORROW @ 10AM: Congressional Hearing to Examine the DHS Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office Mission and Budget Request
TOMORROW @ 12PM Congressional Hearing on Legislation to Reform DHS
June 2021
TOMORROW @ 9:30AM: Congressional Hearing on FEMA’s Management and Readiness in Responding to Disasters
TOMORROW @ 9:30AM: Congressional Hearing on Diversity, Equity, and Accountability at the U.S. Coast Guard
TOMORROW: DHS Budget Hearing with Secretary Mayorkas
TODAY @ 2:30PM: Joint Subcommittee Hearing on the Federal Response to the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack
TODAY @ 2PM: Congressional Hearing on Unaccompanied Children at the Border and the Federal Response
TODAY @ 12PM: Congressional Hearing on the Colonial Ransomware Attack
Bill Nye on the Hill: Hearing on the Impacts of Climate Change on Homeland Security
May 2021
Pelosi, Thompson to Hold Press Conference on January 6 Commission & Emergency Security Supplemental
TODAY @ 2PM: Hearing on Addressing Migration Push Factors
TODAY @ 2:30PM: Hearing on Policy Solutions to Ransomware Attacks
TODAY @ 2PM: Hearing on H.R. 903, Legislation to Improve the TSA Frontline Workforce
April 2021
TOMORROW: Congressional Hearing on Racially and Motivated Violent Extremism