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May 2021
Homeland Security Committee Passes Slate of Bipartisan Bills, Including Pipeline Security and Cybersecurity Legislation
Cleaver, Thompson, Katko, and 12 Homeland Security Committee Members Introduce Bipartisan Pipeline Security Legislation
Chairman Thompson Announces Bipartisan Agreement with Ranking Member Katko to Create Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the Capitol
Clarke, Garbarino, Katko, Kilmer, McCaul, Ruppersberger, Thompson Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Help State and Local Governments Secure Their Networks
April 2021
Correa and Mast Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Help Small Businesses, Provide DHS Frontline Workforce with American Made Uniforms and PPE
House Passes Seven Bipartisan Homeland Security Bills
March 2021
Committee Passes Slate of Bipartisan Homeland Security Bills
DeFazio, Thompson, Katko Re-Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to End Diversion of Passenger Security Fees, Bolster Funding for TSA
February 2021
Homeland Security, Appropriations, Transportation, and Oversight Leaders Introduce Bill to Improve TSA Frontline Workforce
December 2020
Congress Passes Thompson Legislation to Establish a DHS Intelligence and Cybersecurity Diversity Fellowship Program
House Passes Thompson Legislation to Improve FEMA’s Advance Contracting Process
November 2020
Chairman Thompson and Committee Democrats Introduce DHS Reform Legislation
September 2020
Richmond, Katko, Kilmer, McCaul, Ruppersberger, Thompson, Underwood Laud Passage of Bipartisan Legislation to Help State and Local Governments Secure Their Networks
August 2020
Rose and Thompson Announce Legislation to Ensure Proper Oversight of DHS Intelligence Products
July 2020
Chairs DeFazio and Thompson Introduce Legislation to Rein in Federal Protection Statute that Trump Administration is Using as Cover for Civil Rights Abuses in Portland, Oregon
June 2020
Underwood Introduces New Legislation to Strengthen America’s Resilience Against Disinformation During Coronavirus Pandemic
May 2020
Engel, Thompson, Deutch, Rose Introduce Legislation to Create National Counterterrorism Commission
Congressional Leaders Introduce Legislation to Help States and Communities Respond to COVID-19 by Shifting Federal Cost Share for Emergency Declarations
Correa, Titus, Payne, Demings Introduce Legislation to Address Coronavirus and its Impact on TSA’s Workforce
April 2020
Chairman Thompson and Committee Democrats to Introduce Coronavirus Commission Legislation