Terrorism in North Africa: An Examination of the Threat


The United States continues to face a dynamic threat from al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliates across the globe. This threat will only grow as ISIS loses territory in Iraq and Syria, and al-Qaeda fights to reclaim its status as the leader of the global Jihadi movement. In this context, North Africa has emerged as an important theatre in the war on terror: Al-Qaeda and ISIS elements are increasingly active – and competitive – and have both expanded their reach across the continent; political instability continues to exacerbate the security environment; and countries in the region are struggling to prepare for the likely return of thousands of battle–hardened foreign fighters from Iraq and Syria.

Opening Statements

Rep. Pete King (R-NY), Subcommittee Chairman
Opening Statement

Live Stream


Dr. Geoff D. Porter
North Africa Risk Consulting, Inc.
Witness Testimony

Mr. Laith Alkhouri
Co-founder and Director
Witness Testimony

Dr. J. Peter Pham
Vice President for Research and Regional Initiatives
Director for the Africa Center
Atlantic Council
Witness Testimony

Dr. Frederic Wehrey
Senior Fellow
Middle East Program
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Witness Testimony

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