DHS in Today’s Dangerous World: Examining the Department’s Budget and Readiness to Counter Homeland Threats

March 16, 2016 10:00 AM | 311 Cannon House Office Building

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is the front line for our homeland defenses. Despite some bright spots, President Obama’s proposal is not a serious budget. The Fiscal Year 2017 DHS budget reflects flawed priorities. The Committee looks forward to hearing from Secretary Jeh Johnson on the choices made to reduce border patrol agents and drop funding for criminal alien apprehension. Why is climate resilience more of a priority than countering violent extremism? Why are we slashing funds for first responders at this critical time? And why are there requests for funding for offices not yet authorized by Congress? Why does the Secretary feel like now is the time to reduce local law enforcement grant funding during a time when the threat environment is so high? These are some of the issues the Committee looks forward to examining with the Secretary on Wednesday.

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Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), Chairman
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The Honorable Jeh C. Johnson
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