Cyber Preparedness and Response at the Local Level

April 7, 2016 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM | Austin College, 1301 East Brockett, Sherman, Texas

This field hearing, occurring at 11 a.m. CT and 12 p.m. ET, will provide Members an understanding of how State and local officials prepare for, respond to and investigate cyber incidents. Additionally, the hearing will provide an opportunity to learn about different cyber training opportunities for State and local officials to bolster cyber preparedness and response.

Opening Statements

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX), Subcommittee Chairman
Opening Statement

Live Stream


Mr. Alphonse Davis
Deputy Director/Chief Operations Officer
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service
Witness Testimony

Mr. Sam Greif
Plano Fire-Rescue Department
Plano, Texas
Testifying on behalf of the International Association of Fire Chiefs
Witness Testimony

Mr. Richard Wilson
Dallas Police Department
Dallas, Texas
Witness Testimony

Mr. Don Waddle
Detective (Ret.)
Greenville Police Department
Greenville, Texas
Witness Testimony

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