Chairman Green: “Cartels Have Mastered How to Use Biden and Mayorkas’ Failed Border Policies to Their Advantage”

WASHINGTON, DC— Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark E. Green, MD (R-TN) issued the following statement on the four Americans who were kidnapped on the Mexico side of the Southwest border.

“While we continue to learn more about this tragic incident, this is a terrifying glimpse into how Americans can quickly fall victim to cartel violence and how emboldened the cartels are under the Biden administration. Though this brazen attack occurred on the Mexican side of the border, just a few miles from U.S. soil, the cartels continue to exploit the weak posture that the Biden administration has taken with its perilous border security policies.

“Clearly, these dangerous cartels have mastered how to use Biden and Mayorkas’ failed border policies to their advantage in both Mexico and the U.S. homeland—and Americans are suffering because of it. 100,000 Americans died in 2021 from the fentanyl coming across our Southwest border, 166 individuals on the terror watchlist were apprehended attempting to enter our county since President Biden took office, and now four Americans were kidnapped miles from the U.S-Mexico border, leaving two dead. What will it take for President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas to take the security of our homeland seriously?

“Cartels aren’t afraid of us anymore, and their brazen actions demonstrate this reality. My prayers are with the families of these four Americans. This Committee will not stop fighting to secure our borders, strengthen the integrity of our homeland security, and keep all Americans safe.”


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