Border Security

“Our homeland security hinges on how well we can control who and what comes into this country. A porous border is a conduit for not only drug smugglers and human traffickers, but is also a vulnerability that terrorists can exploit.” – Chairman McCaul

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Senate’s flawed border approach
POLITICO | Jun 28, 2013

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Roll Call | Apr 23, 2013


Press Releases

McCaul: Senate Bill Spends Billions on Cart-Before-the-Horse Border Approach
Jun 27, 2013

McCaul, Miller Border Security Results Act Receives Over 1,000 “Citizen Cosponsors”
Jun 25, 2013

Chairman McCaul Statement at Markup of the Border Security Results Act of 2013
May 15, 2013

McCaul, Cornyn, Miller Introduce Legislation to Secure America’s Borders
Apr 9, 2013

McCaul, Miller Question DHS on Gaps in Border Security
Apr 5, 2013