Border Security for America Act

As the United States faces new and evolving threats to our national security a strong, smart, multi-layered approach at our nation’s borders is required. This legislation calls for building additional physical barriers, which includes wall, levee wall, fencing, technology, as well a surge in personnel. The bill targets illegal immigration and drug and human trafficking at our ports of entry and identifies visa overstays through full deployment of the Biometric Entry-Exit System. It also supports local law enforcement through increases in resources to aggressively fight crimes on the southern border. The recent tragedy in San Antonio, Texas highlights the porous nature of our border and the sad reality that can come from not properly securing it.


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Markup of H.R. 3548


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“My bill finally provides Americans the secure border they have long demanded and deserve.” – Chairman Michael McCaul


The Border Security for America Act in the news

FOX News OpinionReps. McCaul, Goodlatte: Better border security and immigration enforcement is on the way

“The Homeland Security Committee’s Border Security for America Act is a multi-layered approach that enhances the security of our southern border in a number of important ways. Most notably, this bill authorizes the construction of a border wall and provides $15 billion for the deployment of tactical infrastructure, technology, and other measures to achieve full operational control and situational awareness.”

The Daily Caller: Op-ed from Rep. Mark Meadows: A Common-Sense Approach To Border Security

“This legislation, introduced by Chairman Michael McCaul of Texas, provides $15 billion to build a wall and other necessary infrastructure and technology along our border with Mexico. This bill takes a historic, multi-layered approach that will make it nearly impossible for drug cartels, criminals, and potential terrorists to slip through the cracks.  This is the type of security Americans have long demanded and deserve.”



Support builds for the Border Security for America Act

“A4A looks forward to working with Congress and both federal agencies to promote this shared vision of a mutually beneficial and seamless biometric capture and identity validation system.” – Airlines for America

“Your bill wisely seeks to ensure that our international borders with Canada and Mexico have the personnel necessary to process legitimate cross-border trade and travel securely and efficiently. By increasing the number of frontline officers, Customs and Border Protection can devote the manpower necessary to interdict those individuals who would seek to do us harm, while facilitating the passage of freight and travelers into the U.S.” – Border Trade Alliance

“Your bill, the Border Security for America Act of 2017, makes improvements to our border security through strengthening physical structures, updating administrative processing, employing state of the art technology, expanding surveillance, and adding to enforcement personnel.” – The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association

“We are glad that you are committed to providing law enforcement the resources it needs to do our jobs and protect those we have sworn to serve.”  The Fraternal Order of Police

“I commend the committee for its attention and leadership to biometric exit and border security. H.R. 3548 builds on the momentum CBP has made in fulfilling its mandate and provides the necessary oversight to ensure that operations are done consistent with input from all the stakeholders.” – The Global Business Travel Association

“IBIA greatly appreciates your continuing leadership in moving this key security project forward after many years of debate and planning.”The International Biometrics + Identity Association

“The National Border Patrol Council is greatly encouraged with the equipment and technology included in this bill to bolster the capabilities of individual Border Patrol agents. Specifically, the walls, fencing, and levees included in this bill will maximize our agents’ effectiveness by allowing them to control multiple miles of territory.” – National Border Patrol Council

“NTEU strongly supports Section 131 (b) of Title I, Subtitle B of the bill that addresses these OFO staffing shortages by authorizing the hiring, training and maintenance of an active duty presence of not fewer than 27,725 CBP Officers and the hiring of 350 full-time additional support staff by September 30, 2021.” – National Treasury Employees Union

“H.R. 3548 supports a multi-layered approach that incorporates additional physical barriers, robust surveillance solutions, and competent personnel tasked with achieving operational control and situational awareness along our northern and southern borders.” – The Security Industry Association